Converting TSV (Tab-Separated Values) to JSON involves transforming the structure and content from one format to another. Here are some features and considerations when performing TSV to JSON conversion:

  1. Delimiter Handling:

    • TSV files use tabs to separate values. Ensure your conversion tool or script is set to correctly identify and split values based on tabs.
  2. Header Row:

    • TSV files often have a header row that contains column names. Decide how to handle this information in the JSON structure, such as using it as keys for objects.
  3. Nested Structures:

    • TSV files may contain hierarchical or nested data. Plan how to represent this hierarchy in the resulting JSON structure.
  4. Data Types:

    • TSV does not inherently provide information about data types. Consider how to infer or handle data types during the conversion process.
  5. Empty Values:

    • TSV files might have empty cells. Determine how to handle these empty values in the JSON structure.
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